Redirect to URL

Redirect to another page within APEX, or to a new URL, using PLSQL.

The code may be useful in a before header process.

apex_application.g_unrecoverable_error ensures that any further rendering of the page, or processing on that page, stops.

 owa_util.redirect_url('f?p=' || v('APP_ID') || ':HOME:' || v('SESSION'));
 apex_application.g_unrecoverable_errorĀ := true;

An alternative way to stop processing is to use


The preferred way of doing this is now using APEX_UTIL.REDIRECT_URL

APEX_UTIL.REDIRECT_URL('f?p=' || v('APP_ID') || ':HOME:' || v('SESSION'));

Firefox addons for developing in APEX

My favourite browser to use when developing in APEX is Firefox. The browser itself is superb but the main advantage is the ability to use addons. Without these addons I would find developing custom Javascript , HTML or CSS in APEX very tedious.

Here are a few of my favourite addons

Allows you to alter Javascript,HTML and CSS live without refreshing the page. Also very useful at monitoring the Ajax communication taking place between the browser and the server.

Web Developer
Similar to firebug, better in some ways worse in others. Whichever is better is a matter of opinion.

Has various colour tools but the main strength is that it gives you an eyedropper that can grab the colour of anything on the screen. It then lets you copy that colour to your clipboard in a variety of formats, hex, rgb etc.

IE Tab
Allows you to quickly see how the current web page would look like rendered using Internet Explorer

APEX Statement Of Direction

The link below outlines Oracles plans for Application Express.

The key thing that is mentioned is an Oracle Forms to APEX converter. I think this has great potential for converting traditional Forms developers into using APEX. Hopefully this lives up to the hype and generates as much excitement as interactive reports has.

Unfortunately there doesnt seem to be any indication on timescales.

Oracle Application Express 3.2 Released

Oracle Application Express version 3.2 has been released for download here

The most significant addition is the Forms converter

For a walkthrough visit

Security has also been improved, with the following from the Oracle site

Oracle Application Express, release 3.2 has improved security measures making it more declarative and powerful. Some key enhancements include the ability to:

  • Declaratively encrypt session state
  • Declaratively specify session timeouts for maximum idle time and maximum session duration
  • Create new password item types that enable users to enter passwords without ever saving them to session state.

Other features designed to minimize the exposed footprint include reducing the privileges required by the Oracle Application Express database account, disabling the Database Monitor feature by default, and providing administrators the ability to require HTTPS for the administration and development suite applications. In addition, administrators can now restrict new or updated account passwords to those that have not previously been used for a specified duration and, for new installations, require that service administrator account passwords conform to a strong password policy.