APEX and web 2.0

For a while now the internet buzz word has been “web 2.0”. Many people new to APEX are keen to see how it can handle these new features. Luckily Oracle has created a page dedicated to this subject. Key points from the site are listed below, to view the full page visit http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/database/application_express/html/web2.0.html

PPR Reporting and Charting
Partial Page pagination of reports is provided by templates included in each theme. These can be easily extended to customer specific themes. To test partial page refresh, simply create any report page that returns enough rows to be paginated. Then, paginate the report and notice that only the report changes, the other components of the page are not refreshed.

Auto Updating Reports and Charts
Click to see an example of Auto Updating Reports.

AJAX Region Pull
You can dynamically generate a report based on a select list.
Click to see an example of AJAX Report Filters.

Reports with AJAX based Detail Frames
This example shows how you can dynamically show report row detail inline with a report.
Click to see an example of Reports with AJAX based Detail Frames.

AJAX-Based Cascading Select Lists
This example shows how one select list on a page can drive the values of another select list on the same page, without doing a full page refresh. Click to see an example of AJAX-Based Cascading Select Lists.

Integrate your favorite AJAX/DHTML library
With Application Express, you have the ability to use any server agnostic AJAX/DHTML library. For example, dojo, jquery, prototype, script.aculo.us.

On Demand Processes
Oracle Application Express supports an On Demand Process component that can be invoked using AJAX. This is a built in framework for client-side communication (which respects security) between a rendered page and Application Process On Demand or Application Pages. It has the ability to access current session state or set session state of items. This is what implements most every example you see on this page.

Dynamic Menus
The Document Library packaged application is a great illustration of providing dynamic pull down menus. Each pull down menu uses AJAX controls to determine a user’s domain of actions.