Firefox addons for developing in APEX

My favourite browser to use when developing in APEX is Firefox. The browser itself is superb but the main advantage is the ability to use addons. Without these addons I would find developing custom Javascript , HTML or CSS in APEX very tedious.

Here are a few of my favourite addons

Allows you to alter Javascript,HTML and CSS live without refreshing the page. Also very useful at monitoring the Ajax communication taking place between the browser and the server.

Web Developer
Similar to firebug, better in some ways worse in others. Whichever is better is a matter of opinion.

Has various colour tools but the main strength is that it gives you an eyedropper that can grab the colour of anything on the screen. It then lets you copy that colour to your clipboard in a variety of formats, hex, rgb etc.

IE Tab
Allows you to quickly see how the current web page would look like rendered using Internet Explorer

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