Oracle Application Express 3.2 Released

Oracle Application Express version 3.2 has been released for download here

The most significant addition is the Forms converter

For a walkthrough visit

Security has also been improved, with the following from the Oracle site

Oracle Application Express, release 3.2 has improved security measures making it more declarative and powerful. Some key enhancements include the ability to:

  • Declaratively encrypt session state
  • Declaratively specify session timeouts for maximum idle time and maximum session duration
  • Create new password item types that enable users to enter passwords without ever saving them to session state.

Other features designed to minimize the exposed footprint include reducing the privileges required by the Oracle Application Express database account, disabling the Database Monitor feature by default, and providing administrators the ability to require HTTPS for the administration and development suite applications. In addition, administrators can now restrict new or updated account passwords to those that have not previously been used for a specified duration and, for new installations, require that service administrator account passwords conform to a strong password policy.

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